Laconia Airport Catering

There are lots of things to love about private airplanes and small airports – not waiting on long, uncomfortable security lines, increased privacy and comfort, the personalized service – but one luxury sometimes missed is delicious food on the go.

Annie’s Cafe and Catering has been providing guests of Laconia Airport with nutritious and convenient meals and snacks for years. Our sandwiches and wraps are easy to enjoy whether you’re waiting for your luggage to load in the lounge or relaxing in the sky. That freshly baked cookie on the side may taste best while travelling 300 miles per hour!

Greet arriving guests in style with an impressive catered spread from Annie’s Cafe waiting for them at Laconia Airport. As they step off their flight, hungry from the rigors of travel, they’ll be thankful and impressed that you anticipated their needs…what a welcome.

Contact us today to upgrade your flight with great food, and leave your hunger on the runway!